There's a Way To Balance Your Wine and Weights

We all know those God-given women....

Leandra Green

There’s a Way To Balance Your Wine and Weights..

We all know those God-given women that are pretty much like all of us… Well that is besides the fact that these women indulge in any savory, carb-loaded and fattening foods without gaining an ounce of fat on their perfect bodies. We envy these women, roll our eyes as they bite into their juicy burgers and imagine taking all of our fat targeted areas and shoving it onto them. Is that taking it too far? Anyway, I may not be speaking for the masses, but I’m sure we can all agree staying healthy and active can be a struggle. I am here to tell you that I am not one of those God-given women. I am one of those women that do enjoy the occasional wine, tacos and did I mention wine? And much like your typical 20-something that is chasing her dreams, I very often deal with stress eating and stress wine-ing. What many people don’t understand is that you can still be healthy and indulge. By healthy I mean a happy medium between eating what you want and allowing yourself to be in control of my body. It is very easy to get in a habit of eating unhealthy, I mean in many ways it’s more convenient and even cheaper. But is it really worth it in the long run? Though I can get down at an all you can eat buffet, I also enjoy allowing my body to get some real nutrition as well. While this blog is going to explore different ways to stay healthy and active, it will also allow you to understand or develop your own ways of balance.

Balance in all aspects of your life! I mean, at the end of the day that is what we all wish for right? Balance.


And a great subtitle too