About Me

 Leandra Green - Founder


I began my fitness journey in 2012 wanting to make a lifestyle change for myself for overall improvement in health. The positive changes I experienced within my journey led me to a desire to make a difference in other people’s lives by encouraging them to live healthy, active lifestyles. I wanted to inspire others to feel strong, confident, and empowered.

In January 2012, I opened a nutrition facility, Infinite Nutrition, with the intention to make an impact on my community for health, wellness, weight loss, and fitness. I offer a variety of exercise classes for all levels of fitness as well as nutrition plans individualized for each client.

As a Herbalife Independent Distributor, I am able to incorporate supplements to assist and enhance clients’ performance and goals. Each trainer associated with Infinite Nutrition began as clients of the business, pushed themselves to meet their personal goals, and then made the decision to pay it forward to help others to do the same. My trainers are able to do what they love in helping others, while continuing to be present for their careers and family life outside of the business. By becoming a discounted member you can take advantage of a one month free membership at Infinite Nutrition.

Infinite Nutrition will take you to the Next Step to a New You.

About us

 Infinite Nutrition Team

At Infinite Nutrition, Our Mission is to Increase Awareness for an Important Healthy Lifestyle Through Nutrition, Dance, Fitness, Friendship, and Love. Infinite Nutrition is made up of a team of passionate life coaches whose goal and focus is improving your life through Infinite Nutrition Classes and incorporating Herbalife Products into your daily routine! 

Get personalized help and training with the Infinite Nutrition Team!

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